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Reduce the symptoms of anxiety

Hypnotherapy is one of several practises that physically alters the habitual anxious response and is capable of reinstating a natural balance of calmness and inner confidence. Hypnotherapists now understand the neurology and physiology of using hypnosis and have evidence from Neuroscience to support this understanding.

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Increase motivation to stop smoking

An experienced hypnotherapist can help you kick the habit of smoking into touch for good. Increase your future health prospects, seek professional advice from a qualified and experienced practitioner today.

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Hypnotherapy – reduces the symptoms of stress


Learn simple hypnosis to reduce your physical, emotional and psychological stress.  This can also include reducing elevated blood pressure.  Stress has been called the 'silent killer' (WHO 2014) as its detrimental effects on health are profound. Use hypnosis to set a healthier balance of physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

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Hypnotherapy helps increase weight reduction

An experienced hypnotherapist will be aware of the emotional and psychological reasons for weight increase and be aware of how to reduce eating habits that undermine a healthier weight. Look for a practitioner today and start the process of reducing heavy pounds.

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Hypnotherapy for confidence and self esteem

An experienced hypnotherapist will help you resolve any unfinished business from your past, enable you to discover more comfortable and adaptive ways of living in the present so that the future is open and inviting for new possibilities. Particularly successful for developing effective work practises in small groups, teams and for the purpose of giving effective presentations but also in the context of developing more personal relationships.

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The BIH represents competent, ethical and professional practitioners.

The British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP (BIH) is one of 12 registering organizations belonging to the UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations (UKCHO).

BIH practitioner members are accountable for the services they offer and deliver to the public.  They agree to uphold the BIH Code of Ethics in all aspects of their work with the public.  This includes being fully aware of the current health emergency regarding the COVID(19) virus.  Therapists are advised to always work safely and effectively by following local government restriction guidelines.  Please also be aware, that the National Government guidelines will at times determine local government guidelines.  Where local or national government guidelines are not possible for any therapist to follow, then they will work with the client at a distance using technology.  

Members are accountable for their professional conduct and are answerable in terms of any complaints made against them via the BIH Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure.

The BIH only accepts hypnotherapists who have trained and qualified with BIH accredited training courses; these courses meet the minimum standards agreed by the profession as part of Regulation (2017). The BIH consistently screens new members on the standards of training to qualification.  All BIH practitioner members are insured to work with the public, have completed the annual CPD requirement, in order to renew their membership each year.

The BIH is a validating organization for the CNHC – the current Regulator of the hypnotherapy profession here in the UK.

BIH Practitioner Membership

The criteria for membership with the BIH, depends upon the quality and level of training to practitioner status.

For the newly qualified practitioner, supervision is also required for at least the first 3 years so that the nature of the work with clients can be monitored, (maintaining confidentiality of clients).

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