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Find a Suitable Practitioner

For those who want to resolve a problem, improve health and well-being or wish to enhance their personal growth; the following information will help you.

A Qualified practitioner

Look for the professional who offers prospective clients access to open and transparent terms and conditions; will offer a professional profile of qualification and/or experience; one who is skilled in the area of your difficulty; above all, is someone with whom you are comfortable with at consultation. Some practitioners may offer a free Consultation, whilst others charge for their time when seeing you. Above all, a suitable practitioner is committed to your care and well-being.

An Ethical Practitioner

An ethical practitioner adheres to a Code of Ethics & Best Practice, freely available to those enquiring. A suitable Practitioner also helps awareness that the BIH operates a Complaints procedure for their reassurance if for any reason, the person needs recourse.  The person can access this, should they feel justified, and it is explained before session work takes place.

A Suitably Qualified, experienced, and competent hypnotherapist – will always have professional indemnity and public liability insurance displayed in their office or place of work.