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 Stephanie Kirke - Hypnotherapist


Hello and Welcome,

I am here to let you know that working effectively and creating recovery, with distressed and unhappy people, is perfectly possible when using a range of skill sets which includes hypnosis.  For the past 29 years now, I have worked with people to help them discover the ways, to help themselves.  Life is no easier today that it was when I started.  In reality life has become even more challenging.  However, the people skills that hypnotherapists use and the way they are now trained to use them, has also improved.  We now meet the challenges of working with people's distress and unhappiness with a 'sensitive' professionalism.  People make great come-backs and recover to live enjoyable lives on a daily basis.  The choice of ways to making a great come-back, are natural, enjoyable, creative  and above all 'safe'.

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Tel: 07906 503566