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Nigel Strong -  Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner & Coach

Nigel Strong, Hypnotherapist

With the lockdown and uncertainty anxiety has risen hugely with fear of career, business and personal safety and security.  Here in Winchester I can and will help you to find new ways of coping. Please call me, I am here to help you manage and find your way, a new way.

Since ‘Lockdown’ I have helped clients nationwide and worldwide using video to conduct sessions.  I continue to do this with amazing results.  So if you’re too far away to get to me personally we can still connect, and I can still help you.  Whether you are in Birmingham or Brisbane, Scotland or Seychelles the internet will bridge the gap.


T: 07834 666979


Coronavirus update

Please check with the individual practitioner, regarding their methods of working with clients during the pandemic.