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Jo Sawkins -

Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Coach

Hello - my name is Jo Sawkins.

From my own personal challenges with health in the past, I have been come to understand how to transform one of the most debilitating illnesses of our modern lifestyle, namely chronic fatigue syndrome.  My own journey of suffering from this illness was long and arduous.  When finally I managed to get a diagnosis, I was then told that there was no treatment, which was even more distressing.

Through my own research, I finally discovered a way of systematically recovering my health. I then trained in these methods and qualified to practice the skills that would help me help others.  I now also work with businesses to help their staff stay well, both physically and mentally and this, in turn, reduces staff sickness and related absence.

I feel very passionate about doing this work, so it is understandable that I have a huge sense of job satisfaction to say the least.  It goes without saying that I also live my own full and rewarding life with my family.

I will look forward to your call in the future and to assuring you that suffering in silence is no longer the only choice you have for your future health.

T: 07961 014129



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