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The Scottish Academy of Hypnosis & Mind Therapies

The Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Therapies has been training students for over twenty years. Our trainers: Rae Jenson and John Lawrence are very experienced therapists as well as being NGH certified instructors.

The course continually evolves with Neo-Erickson Hypnotherapy at its foundation. Naturally to keep pace with contemporary practice, the syllabus is never static and the Mind Therapies part extends to the most up to date effective techniques from NLP, Cognitive Sciences, Mindfulness and the always evolving Energy Psychologies and other off shoots.

The Dip (ACHMT) takes place over ten months with one weekend per month spent at our beautiful purpose built Hypnotherapy centre in the countryside of central Scotland.

Our course offers students the opportunity to achieve four qualifications and is not only designed to bring trainees a broad knowledge base in therapy, but also an extensive application of professional knowledge.

It is our belief that is not enough for students to simply possess knowledge. They must be in a position to apply that knowledge. To that end, not only do our students have their knowledge tested by portfolio submission, but they also benefit from participating in an observed live therapy session before graduating. This greatly helps to improve their confidence, as it incorporates the pre-research, induction process and application of therapeutic skills. Our students not only have to talk their therapeutic walk, they must prove they can walk that talk before graduating.

We have a long list of past students who have fulfilled their ambitions and beyond.

We are very proud to be accredited as a training school both by The British Institute of Hypnotherapy and The National Council For Hypnotherapy.

Having these accreditations ensures that we always strive to assure that all students choosing to train with us, receive a high quality training experience. This in turn will create new therapists who are confident and go onto provide a high standard of care to their clients.

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Tel:  01506 830190