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Accredited Courses

The BIH is open to those training schools who wish to submit their Diploma courses to the scrutiny of the BIH accreditation process.  Accreditation involves both content and process analysis, against the currently agreed professional standards of training, which includes the most recent amendments to the Hypnotherapy Core Curriculum (2017).

The courses that currently hold accreditation, go beyond the minimum standards set by the profession in 2010-11.  The BIH regularly monitors these courses across a 5 year time line.  Eligibility to join the BIH as a practitioner member, is conditional upon successfully qualifying on a BIH accredited course.  All qualified practitioners, regardless of membership status, are added to the BIH Register.  This is made available to the public who can then search for a practitioner in their area.

The BIH Accreditation logo (above) is an indication to those who are looking for a suitable training course that gives them eligibility to join as a practitioner member upon qualification. It is also reassuring for the public to know that BIH registered hypnotherapists, have received a training that enables them to be competent and ethical in their work.