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Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training

Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training is proud to be the first training school in the UK to receive the BIH time specific kite-mark for our Practitioner’s course (July 2013). The BIH acknowledges that our course “goes beyond the minimum standards outlined by UKCHO and the independent regulator CNHC” (review 2013). 
We offer friendly, practical and professional hypnotherapy training and our course is designed around the practicalities of actually running a successful hypnotherapy practice.

Part 1 of our Practitioners’ course you will begin to develop skills as a hypnotist, whilst also looking at communication skills and basic counselling/coaching techniques to help you build a good relationship with your client. We then put these together to create a broad outline for providing effective hypnotherapy.

Part 2 – the course you will look in detail at those issues likely to form the bedrock of your hypnotherapy practice; smoking cessation, stress, weight control, anxiety, phobias, confidence etc. and you’ll develop a wide range of techniques to help you produce a truly client centred, personal therapy plan for each client. Each student is also entered into a separate, external qualification at this stage, giving you a specialism from day one of your new career.

Finally, you will study more advanced techniques and specialist areas of hypnotherapy, and produce a business plan to get you started in your new career after graduation.
You can choose to study one weekend a month or half a day per week during term time, so that your study fits with your lifestyle and other commitments. 
We provide plenty of support during and after your training and you are welcome to speak to current or past students before signing up.



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or call Debbie Waller on 01977 678593 (9am–9pm)